Exhibitions and Publications

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Selected Exhibitions 

2017 Unlimited, PageSpace, Portland, OR

2017 At a Loss, Never, Portland, OR

2017 How To Be Alone
Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

2017 New Meaning, Space 1026 entryway project, Philadelphia, PA

2017 The One Moto Show, Portland, OR

2016 Winners Circle, Red Fox, Portland, OR

2016 Chromophobia, Stall Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 Tied at the Finish Line, Verge Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 3,300, Littman and White Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 Self Help, Traveling, Hereford, UK

2015 No Place to Go: in collaboraiton with Leif J. Lee, Shortspace, Portland, OR

2015 DriveTime-Based Art Festival, Bronco Gallery, Portland, OR

2015 doing, undoing, repeat. Littman and White Gallery, Portland, OR

2015 Nothing & Nowhere, Lodge Gallery, Portland OR

2015 Becoming What Was, Duplex Gallery, Portland, OR

2015 Racing Freight, Red Fox, Portland, OR

2014 LOW, Duplex Gallery, Portland, OR

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2017 Submission Friday SF MOMA Tumblr

2016 Inside Charlie Daniel's AmericaNoisey for VICE Magazine

2016 Winner's Circle, limited edition

2016 A Love Letter to Ace FrehleyNoisey for VICE Magazine

2016  He's in You, Noisey for VICE Magazine

2015 I DISAPPEAR in collaboration with Ryan Patrick Krueger, limited edition

2015 Becoming What Was, limited edition

2014 LOW, limited edition

2012 Nowhere To Go But Down, limited edition